This website is maintained by Vandy, operated and written by the community at large.

I decided to go about and make this website because of the lack of unification between various modder resources. Over the course of the past couple of years, the folks at the Modding Den Discord channel have worked together and produced some nice community resources, written and shared tutorials, and overall tried to just communitize (it’s a word now) knowledge. This website is a natural extension of that desire to get the most knowledge in the smallest acreage.

Please bear with me as I work on this website – it’s in a very early iteration, and I’m very much still learning how to work all of this stuff out, from appearance to organization to the plugins and code to layout and functionality. I have a number of remaining things to implement, and I’m hoping once all of those are finalized this will be a nice and fully fleshed-out one-stop-shop for most things modding.

Assistance – Feedback

Though I’m spear-heading this movement, I know very well that I need help, can’t quite do all of this alone.

First and foremost, feedback will help me improve this website tremendously. Any sort of UX issues, any sort of requests, any bugs that are found, please reach out to me and I’ll handle it. I’m gonna incorporate some form thing to send the site an email about it eventually, but for now, plop into the Modding Den (link on the right!) and find Vandy, tell me what’s up.

Assistance – Writing

And, of course – I need writers! I don’t know literally every single thing about modding, I’ve struck my specific niche and I can write about that fine, but I can’t write about everything. If you would like to get involved and help out with writing tutorials, please please do, this is a community project and the more hands on-deck the better.

To get started, just press “Register” on the right-hand side, and then find Vandy/me on Discord and let me know that you want to write tutorials. I’ll give you access to creating tutorial drafts and whenever you’re done, I’ll publish ’em (you keep creds and all, just for the sake of making sure the tutorials are PG-13 and what not). When writing it, please select the proper “category” for the tutorial – if you’re unsure which, just contact me.


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