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This is a meta-page about things involving the website itself. Pretty meta, huh?

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To Do

Ongoing list of things that need doing with the website. If you're able to help with something listed below, simply edit this page and make a note there that says "[username] will help with this!" If you need any guidance, please feel free to reach out to Groove Wizard.


  • Set up the scripting documentation and other external documentation into this website's hierarchy, instead of relying on hosting it separately. Will probably be as simple as hosting on the web server I have and having a link on the sidebar to documentation, though maybe there's an internal MediaWiki system for working with documentation
    • Groove Wizard will do this
  • Find someone way more experienced in web dev that can give Groove Wizard some insight into various trouble spots.
  • Go through and find any that are specifically appealing and might work well for the wiki.
  • Look into WYSIWYG editor for the wiki. Previously used version was buggy, but it might be better on the latest update of MediaWiki.
    • Works perfectly on the new version!
  • Search for better moderation tools, more all-in-one packages.
  • Setup a more robust sidebar, include links to the Modding Den and such.


  • Go through existing categories, and create any more that are necessary. Make new categories for "spheres" of modding (modeling, map making, scripts, db, planning, etc.)
  • Move old Tutorials out of their current location, which is "Tutorial:Tutorial Name", and move them to a new page using "Edit -> More -> Move". Then properly categorize the tutorials, including marking them as "outdated", "needs review", the game it works for, and whatever else.


  • Go through the Lua tutorial series and clean it up.
    • Groove Wizard will take point here
    • Could use a couple of hands with review, editing, grabbing pictures, writing sections, etc.
  • Deep dive on TWUI XML stuff
    • Groove Wizard again, probably much later.
  • Overview of missions / dilemmas / events / incidents / messages / payloads / options / cdir at large.
  • Dark secrets of animation unveiled.
  • Lua - Overwriting / intercompatibility w/ vanilla and other scripts, etc.
  • Pages for each tool - RPFM, Assembly Kit, mod manager[s], etc. Sections for installation, usage, glossary, and helpful tips (ie. MyMod in RPFM)