Tutorial:Using Mods

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Before we begin

This guide explains how you to use mods. It has nothing to do with the actual creating part of modding. The KMM parts of this guide are recommended but not strictly neccesary. But like Gromby aptly says:


This guide is written with steam in mind, if you are an epic games user go to the end of the guide to find out what you need to do different.

Setting up KMM

Installing KMM

1) Download from: Kaedrin´s mod manager latest download 2) Unzip the folder in your Documents directory OR your Desktop. ANYWHERE except the game directories or anything related to Steam. 3) Create a shortcut to Warhammer2MM.exe and put it on your Desktop 4) If you need to set the shortcut to admin mode, right click the shortcut, go to properties, click Advanced, and turn on "Run as Administrator"

Setting up the paths

  • After you have installed it when you open it for the first time it will give you a popup about detecting your game paths. Just click accept and reopen KMM. KMM should already have detected all your TW games. You can check this by clicking on the "Game" header in KMM. The black names are the ones which it detected and you can choose. The grey names are the ones which would be possible but it either didn´t detect or you don´t own. KMM smells pirated TW games from miles away so if you pirated it it will also not work.
  • When clicking on the "Options" header you can set the paths for Mod Backups if you want KMM to backup your mods for you, PFM (switch to RPFM pls if you still use PFM) and RPFM (Rusted Packfile Manager the tool with which most of us create our mods). You can also force KMM to try to detect new game paths.

Downloading Mods

So downloading Mods is fairly simple. You begin by opening your steam client. Then you click on the "COMMUNITY" Header in your client (1). After this you should be seeing a tab with your last played games. If the TW game for which you want to download mods is not in that list then please click on the search bar to the right of the list and search for the game. Once you see the name of your game click on it(2). You are now in the community tab of the game. Now click on the "WORKSHOP" header in that Tab (3). Here´s a picture where I highlighted the different steps in case you didn´t understand what I was talking about: Downloading Mods.PNG Now you search for the mods you want to use. Once you have found them you click on the subscribe button and Steam should start the download automatically.

Using KMM

Here´s a picture so you can understand my description better: Using KMM.PNG

NR1: Options

  • "Use last profile" and "Highlight recent mods" are pretty self-explanatory and should in my opinion both be ticked.
  • "Backup Mods" and "Choose Backup Location" are still self-explanatory. Click on "Choose Backup Location" to choose where your backup should be saved and check "Backup Mods" to actually enable the Backup function.
  • "Choose PFM location" and "Choose RPFM location" is used to set the path to the respective manager. (Pls don´t use PFM thought instead use RPFM)
  • "Detect Game Installations" is used to retrigger the game detection if you have a new TW game you want to use mods for.
  • "Bypass CA launcher" does what it says when ticked and should always be ticked in my opinion.
  • "Bypass Conflict Detection" should be ticked unless you have a real need for it. But mostly you won´t.

NR2 and 2*: Profiles

  • You can make a new profile by enabling the mods you want in it and then naming it in the text field (2*) and click save and you have your new profile.
  • You can export your currently open profile via the "Profile" header (2). It will be saved as a txt file in the location you choose.
  • You can import a profile if you have the txt file for it. You do this via the "Profile" header (2). It will automatically only enable the mods you are subbed to and are in that profile and disable all others.

NR3: Game

  • You can see all games supported by KMM (grey names) and the ones which are supported and KMM detected (black names) when you click on the "Game" header.

NR4: Tips

  • Here you see some good tips and info for using KMM

NR5: Version

  • You can see the version you use in the top row and the latest version available under the headers. Make sure to always use the newest version.

NR6: Number of Mods

  • You can see how many mods you have enabled in the top, left of the tips and info section.
  • You can see the number of movie mods you have over the start button. Movie mods are always active regardless of if you activate them or not. So be aware of that. You can see which mods are movie mods by sorting via the "type column".
  • You enable mods by checking the small box left of their name.

NR7: Launching and Refreshing

  • The refresh button over the launch button is used to refresh KMM if you downloaded any mods while KMM was open so KMM becomes aware of the new mods.
  • You launch the game by clicking on the launch button.

Enabling mods (CA/Vanilla Launcher)

So you have succesfully downloaded a mod. Congratz! But you have decided against using KMM. Well it´s not my part to judge... You enable mods by starting your game like you normally do but before you click on the play button inside of the TW launcher you click on the "Mod Manager" header on the left right next to the "Game" and "Shop" header. Then you should be in the CA mod manager. There you search through the list of mods and click on the grey bar on their left to enable them. They should then turn green. Once you have enabled all the mods you want to use you click on the big play button in the upper right. You now get a popup that lists all enabled mods. Look through them if you forgot to enable some and then accept the popup. Here´s another picture to simplify: Enabling Mods.PNG Congrats! You now succesfully activated a mod!

Good Practices

  • Don´t change Loadorder! Only do this if you are aware of what you are doing there and even then only do this if you have a good reason!
  • If you have issues with mods try to fix them yourself first (I recommend Cataph´s excellent guide: Troubleshooting Guide ) and only if you have confirmed it is a problem with that particular mod contact the author. Most of us prefer Discord but Steam works as well.
  • Don´t be obnoxious. Almost all of us are doing Modding as a hobby and not as a job. So don´t spam "UPDATE PLS" for example. There might be a very good reason why we didn´t update our mod yet or we just didn´t have time yet.

Differences if you are using Epic Games instead of Steam

I have no idea as I don´t own a TW Game on Epic. But if you do and know what´s different for epic games then please fill in this section.

I’ll add more information later if people have questions or I forgot anything.