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Every modder needs proper tools, just like every lumberjack needs a swing set. This list does not claim to be a sure-fire solution to every single issue a modder might face, nor an impervious list of perfect programs, designed to cater your every need. This list does have a lot of value in it, I believe, and if used correctly, a lot can be achieved.

You’ll also notice that this section has random housed tutorials in it, that don’t fit in any particular place with the larger-scale tutorials. The author and summary of each will be listed and maintained here!

Kaedrin’s Mod Manager

Kaedrin’s Mod Manager is a very useful alternative mod manager that works for all Total War games since Total War: Empire.

You can get in contact with the creator, Kaedrin, in the Modding Den’s channel #kaedrin_mod_manager.

Frodo’s Rusted Pack File Manager

RPFM is a great pack-file managing tool, essential for any modder. Active development has new features coming regularly, as well as constant bug fixes or bug squashings.

Get in contact with the creator, Frodo, in the Modding Den’s channel #rpfm.

Rigid Model Editing Tool

A tool to quickly edit rigid models using a visual UI rather than having to use clunky hex editing, made and maintained by Phazer.

Video Tutorials

Setting Up GitHub Desktop for Total War – A rundown on how to setup GitHub Desktop for use with the Assembly Kit.

Scripting Resources

Script Doc (Events & Interfaces)

Script Doc (CM Functions)

Warhammer 2 CA Documentation

Three Kingdoms CA Documentation

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