Video Tutorials

From Total War Modding

DIPS Step by step (RPFM)

Part 1: Setting up software


Part 2: How to use RPFM and making your first mod


Part 3: Modding abilities and attributes


Part 4:Modding Skill basics


Animations (Asset Editor)

The basics of animations (asset editor and rpfm) (Blind Leading the Colorblind)


Basics of Kitbashing (Dietrich Stauffer)


Mount animations (Blind Leading the Colorblind)


Recolouring Models (Blind Leading the Colorblind)


Animated props (Dietrich Stauffer)


Special Thanks:
  • Groove Wizard
  • Cryswar
  • Blind Leading the Colorblind
  • Dietrich Stauffer
  • Based Memes
  • Dead Baron