Units custom battle permissions tables

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At first glance, this DB looks like it is only for the custom battle, but actually, several campaign things will be affected by this DB

Hero's unit card in the building browser is not determined by porthole.bin nor unit_variants but custom battle
  • Hero recruitment portrait: The hero unit card shown in the building browser is determined by this DB
  • Affected Unit Preview: Starting from Chaos Dwarf DLC, every effect shows the affected unit set in their tooltip. Among the affected unit_set, the ones that the faction does not have access to via military group or exclusive permission do not show normally. (You can also disable the unit or unit_set from all previews, but that's another DB) But there is another quirk in this preview. If any of the factions with that culture has access to a certain unit in the CB, that unit will be shown in the affected unit set preview no matter the military group or exclusive permission. So if you want to limit certain units to a certain faction, best to leave it out from CB, or make a CB-only cultured faction.
  • In this Changeling unit category, you'll see Grudgebringer. This doesn't make sense at first glance as Grudgebringer is just a faction with Empire culture. This is because Changeling's category is decided by a custom battle, and hence showing custom battle only cultures
    Changeling: Changeling has access to certain agent_subtypes in their shapeshifting via another table. However, how the game categorizes what category agent_subtype belongs to is done via this DB. That is why CB-only only cultures are showing up as categories for Changeling.