Building units allowed tables

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This mod disables recruitment of wh_dlc07_brt_inf_spearmen_at_arms_1 from barracks only for wh_main_brt_bordeleaux while other Bretonnia factions can still recruit them

The "Enabled" column is somewhat misleading, but it does its work. But only in limited situation

  • There must be the same building-unit entry in another mod or vanilla. If it doesn't, the "enabled" column doesn't do anything and it always enables unit recruitment.
  • The faction column must be filled in.
  • Finally, the "enabled" column needs to be unticked

In this situation, this enabled unticked row will disable vanilla or other mod's building recruitment for the faction you've filled in the row. If you filled in the wh_main_brt_bordeleaux for the faction column, and if you filled in all the other columns correctly, then all the other Bretonnia has access to this building unit recruitment while wh_main_brt_bordeleaux does not.