Changing Campaign Animations by Marthenil

First, we navigate to animations/campaign/database/bin. We locate a vanilla animation bin that’s closest to our desired result.

First string entry is the name of your fragment. Followed by the skeleton, then animation files, animation metadata(optional), and animation sound metadata(optional).

All strings in the file are in the following order:
2bytes uint16 n -> stringlength
nbytes string -> path to file.

It’s as simple as that. Change the paths, then change the byte headers to the new char count. All animations are pretty straightforward, and naming conventions are pretty standard, so you should not have too much trouble finding the equivalents Save with the new name, pop into a pack file and that’s it.

The only issue might be the persistent meta file. That can be made by directly copying the battle persistent meta file, renaming it and popping into the campaign folder (for consistency).

You can use the fragment.txts in animations\animation_fragments for quickly finding string paths to vanilla anims

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