Submodding Guide

If you're a modder, one of the most frequent comments next to romantical proposals (YMMV) will be "SFO/Radious/CTT/Lucky/yomama compatibility when". Many modders don't have an interest in making a submod…

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Unit Balance Tips

PREMISE This guide is aimed at unit or character modders in WH2, and while I assume we're talking about introducing or editing stuff for vanilla balance, most of the tips…

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RMEditor – ALPHA preview Version

Total War - Model/skeleton/animation/texture modding utility

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Multiplayer Desyncs and You

Welcome to this very special tutorial about the dangers of Lua. Lua is a beautiful piece of machinery that, if used incorrectly, will cause an incredible amount of anger via…

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Scripted Effect Bundles

NOTE: This guide assumes solid knowledge of effects and effect bundles, and a beginner level's knowledge of Lua. Next time you level up, spec in those skills and then come…

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