Import Game Textures Into Substance

Import Game Textures to Substance Things you will need Substance painter RPFM Phazers RME!-BETA-v0-5-5-8a&p=15859861#post15859861 (for model extraction, if you haven’t already done so) Gimp Step by…

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Self-Testing Multiplayer

So you want to test MP campaign features? You’re in luck, Pete from CA helped me figure a way to LAN with yourself! (Thanks Pete!) You’re going to need: A…

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Import Game Models to Substance Painter

Import in game models to substance painter Things you will need Phazers RME editor RPFM by Frodo Substance painter free trial Total war texture export for substance…

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Submodding Guide

If you're a modder, one of the most frequent comments next to romantical proposals (YMMV) will be "SFO/Radious/CTT/Lucky/yomama compatibility when". Many modders don't have an interest in making a submod…

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Unit Balance Tips

PREMISE This guide is aimed at unit or character modders in WH2, and while I assume we're talking about introducing or editing stuff for vanilla balance, most of the tips…

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RMEditor – ALPHA preview Version

Total War - Model/skeleton/animation/texture modding utility

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