Import Game Textures Into Substance

Import Game Textures to Substance

Things you will need

Step by step

  1. Open RPFM and extract model (like I showed in previous guide) also extract the &
  2. Open in gimp, select all, go to “colors” tab and select “invert” then save as .PNG
  3. Open and Save as .PNG.
  4. Open copy all and paste to new layer, delete base layer. Using wand or select by color tool, highlight all black (sometimes grey) and delete. Save as .PNG
  5. Open Substance Painter model you exported (shown in last guide) ensure that model is baked.
  6. Go to “file” / “import resource” / “add resources” select .PNG files you just edited, select “undefined” and change to “textures” then select “import”
  7. Go to “texture set settings” on right hand side scroll down to “normal map” select it and replace with your imported normal map.
  8. Now create a “fill layer” and drag and drop the diffuse map into the “base color” you can clear all other channels other than “base color” and “roughness”
  9. Repeat for the Specular but leaving the “Metallic” channel also.

That should get you pretty close, edit roughness accordingly, you may have to add another layer that is just for roughness and manually paint shinier parts etc. but you should be looking at something close to in-game.

Here is a short video of me going through the process.

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