Import Game Models to Substance Painter

Import in game models to substance painter

Things you will need

  • Phazers RME editor

  • RPFM by Frodo

  • Substance painter free trial

  • Total war texture export for substance

open substance painter go to – file/import resource/select “Total_war.spexp”

bottom right select drop down to “import to shelf” and import.

  • Gimp with .dds plugin

Simply put,

  1. open rpfm, extract rigid_v2 (optional extract associated textures)
  2. open Phazer editor, open rigid_v2, extract as DAE
  3. open substance and import the DAE file, proceed to paint
  4. export using your imported total war exporter
  5. convert PNG files to .dds

Going to show you how I do it by video 😉

For how to renew substance painter trail, DM me since I don’t need the whole internet knowing. If Cataph and the C&C discord recognize you as a “modder” I am happy to share.

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