Thank you for reading the first line of this document!

This FAQ is a multi-purpose page to answer common questions about the Mod Jam events hosted in the Modding Den Discord channel.

What is a Mod Jam?

Glad you asked. A “Game Jam” is something that happens a lot in indie game development communities, where various game developers will get together and try to make a full-fledged game over the course of a single weekend, from start to finish. Nothing pre-planned due to the theme being announced the day it begins. These jams typically have a heavily communal aspect to them, with teams forming to try and work together and finish up a beautiful collaborative product.

Why a Mod Jam?

Another good question! This Mod Jam will potentially a regular community event, if all goes well and it turns out to be a positive experience for all involved! I believe Jams are great events for communities, where a bunch of people are around working on the same general idea – being really productive to make a specific product over the course of a short period of time – and will share knowledge, help one another out, and try to work hard to do something really cool. This is the kind of event I’d really love to participate in and see flourish – so I decided to plan one myself!

What’s the theme?

Oh oh oh! You almost got me there! The theme will be announced when the Jam starts!

What kind of mods can be submitted?

Any! The theme will be flexible enough to welcome literally any type of mod imaginable – from a new unit or lord, to a new battle map, to new scripted mechanics, to basically any mod you can think of.

There are only a few rules for submission to consider:

  • The mod must fit within the theme, no exceptions!
  • The mod must be made within the jam’s timeline. Please don’t just repost a mod you’ve already made, that’s lame and pointless.
  • The mod must follow the EULA. No, I’m not gonna cover the entire EULA here.
  • Please submit only one mod. This is mostly for the sake of not overloading poor old me.

And that’s mostly it! You’re more than welcome to work with a group, or work completely solo, or whatever. The mod can be whatever size, and whatever content as long as it passes the above requirements.

Where can I submit?

Watch this space – there will be a Submissions form created on this site, linked from this page, to submit your mods to the jam!

Where can I find others to help, collaborate, or just talk about the Jam?

When the time comes, there will be several channels in the Modding Den discord channel about the mod jam, which will include current FAQ and news about the jam, a discussion channel or two to talk specifically about the jam and the stuff you’re working on.

Where will they be displayed?

I will likely be making a new page on the website which will be a landing page for all of the submitted Mod Jam mods. Each mod submitted will have a nice description, a pic or two, and a comment section so users and other jammers can give feedback! There’s no saying how long it’ll take me to make this page – I still work full-time right now as emergency personnel, yay – but I am going to aim to have it done by the weekend following the jam’s end. There will also be a Steam Collection, and I’ll make an effort to create an overview video of all the mods as well!

Is this an official event?

No, this event is run by Vandy from the Modding Den elite modification moderation team, full community-event. However, CA has expressed some preliminary interest in supporting where the can, specifics of said support TBD.

Since it’s a community event, will it be rule of the mob and filled with chaos?

No, certainly not! The rules of the Modding Den still stand, and our moderation team reserves the right to mute, kick, and ban any offenders of said rules depending on severity, regardless of entry within the mod jam.

How much money will I, the greatest modder of all time, win?

None! This is a mod jam, not a competition, and I don’t think I or any others are really qualified to pick a “winner” from a list of mods. That also kinda sounds lame, to be honest! I am considering giving out superlatives for each mod, and give a tiny overview on them from my perspective, but that’s to be determined.

Important to note – speaking of money, please don’t be weird and sketchy! Let’s keep everything above water for this jam. No paying one another to work on the jam together, or locking access to your jam content behind a weird paywall, or anything like that. Let’s just have money completely out of the equation and make it about knowledge and community and joy!

Can I, a new and awful modder, join?

Hey, first off, don’t talk about yourself that way! We all started from somewhere, strangers with whom I’m discussing. And of course. This is going to be a collaborative event, where there will be other modders jamming who can provide assistance! Even the newest and freshest minds might have some awesome ideas to bring to the table and try out new stuff. I’d say it’s a great opportunity to learn how to be a modder, probablytmtmtmtm.

Can my pro mod team submit a mod to the jam?

Hello, pro mod team! I would like to make a friendly request that, while working in a group for the jam is totally accepted and welcome, I’d like to see new groups of people only. Our OvN’s, Expanded Rosters, SFO’s, Cataph and Vandy’s, should make way for newer, less-established groups. Make this an opportunity to meet some new folks and make some mods with strangers! It’s more fair and, frankly, more fun, for all involved that way.

Seriously, theme?

    Nude Malekith.

Any last words?

Weirdly ominous. Yeah, remember – the mod jam is about collaboration, exploration, and a bunch of people working communally at the same thing! It should be fun before all else. I’ll do whatever I can to make sure that sense remains.

Also, as mentioned before, I have an interest in doing some more of these in the future if this one goes well. That said, I’m very open to feedback and would love to hear what works well and what doesn’t through this process.