Note: This page was written on June 9th, 2020, by Vandy, coordinator of the event.

And, there we have it folks! The first ever Mod Jam for Total War: WARHAMMER, the first community event through the C&C Modding Den, potentially the first ever Mod Jam for a Total War game. It went so extraordinarily well, I’m pleased with how it all turned out. At the end, we got 14 total mods, 2 of which made by new modders!

I’m thrilled by the community’s turn out, and the support a lot of you have given for the Mod Jam. I will be running more of these! This was an absolute treat, it was a great push for myself and several others, and a bunch of great products came out as a result.

The next one will likely run from a Friday afternoon to the Sunday after, so 10 days total there-about. I hope that gives enough time for all; I will also be making a nice and conscious effort to spread the word around well in-advance this time around, and I won’t time the next one close to a DLC release.

But enough about the future! Let’s discuss all of the incredible submissions we got for the Mod Jam.

The Teams

In one corner, we have our Grimdark mods – unnecessarily edgy, violent, dark, and all around grim.

In the other corner, we have our Goof mods – irreverent, random, silly, and all around goofy.

The turn out was perfectly even – the end result being 7 grim mods and 7 goof mods!

The Mods

Without further adieu, it’s time to take a quick peak at each mod in turn, give a link and a shout-out to each. Thank you so much to all of the participants, I actually couldn’t have done it without you because I would’ve just been what I normally am when I mod – a dude modding and saying “You have to finish by this date!”

If you would like to subscribe to these mods, please click the links below, like and download them, and leave some words of encouragement for our great friends! If you want an easy-package with all the Mod Jam mods, take a look at paperpancake’s Steam Collection here. Thanks again for making it and saving the skin off my back, paperpancake!

Bomb Rats
by JvJ


The Future

As said – there will be more. Probably not super soon, but soon is probably the word. I’ll try and broadcast it more next time – it was definitely intentional to keep a mostly low profile so it didn’t get too out of hand! I had a great time with this jam and am super looking forward to future ones.

Thanks one last time to all the participants – everyone was great and super gracious, this was a blast and they’ll only get better from here!