Hallo, thanks for tuning in to this week’s installment of Mod Jamz, the hottest radio station this side of the Danube.

Announcement Time!

This one’s quick and easy. I get to announce the theme of the Mod Jam! So, without further adieu, I’d like to announce: the Grim and the Goof Mod Jam!

Taking a play from CA’s book here and styling this mod jam off of the Lord Pack conflict theme. This theme is an appreciation of both extremes of Warhammer Fantasy that we all love so much: the over-the-top grimdark nature of the world, and the extremely goofy and self-irreverent nature of the self-same world. There’s no two characters that show that dichotomy better than Eltharion and Grom; angry, vengeful Batman elf vs. gobbo who ate so much he became the Mad Maxxest warboss of the second millennium.

So clearly, this theme is super vague, and that was for sure intentional. I didn’t want to exclude any modders, but I wanted to center on a concept like this so people would hopefully get out of their comfort zone and try some new stuff.

While it’s tough and nonsensical to make a mod with either ONLY grimdark or ONLY goof-fun, try to go hard on one or the other and keep that as your central theme and tone.


There are a lot of grimdark and a lot of goofy things in TW:WH2, and most ideas have a mixture. I’m going to try to give a few examples here, to give some ideas and guidance if needed. If more clarity is needed, feel free to poke me, but mind again – vague is intentional.

Team Grim

  • The Dark Elf slavery mechanic
  • Eltharion’s entire shabang
  • Basically the entirety of the Chaos faction
  • The Hell-pit Abomination (mostly!)

Team Goof

  • Grom’s entire shabang
  • Tretch’s retreat/betrayal mechanics
  • Wurrzag and Savage Orc, especially that happy dance, oooh that dance
  • Greenskins poop buildings

Obviously, a lot of things overlap between the two camps, there’s no easy way to separate the two. They work so well in WHFB because they’re incredibly intermarried. The ask for this mod jam is to try to double down on one tone, rather than completely exclude the other.

NOW. I’ve gotta say this. Don’t go overboard. Please keep things within the EULA. Please refrain from going so grimdark someone gags, or so goofy that it looks like a Robot Chicken episode. Your submission will likely be way better received if the tone is central to the mod, but not completely over-the-top, down your throat, or any variation of the phrase “too much”. Be mindful!

Alright. With that out of the way – let’s get to it!

Some Reminders

I’ve mentioned some of these things before, but they bear repeating. I will repeat them now.

  • Start small, build up. It’s actually a fair amount of time, a full week, but we all go at our own pace and it’s fairly easy to overload yourself with a giant idea. It’s better to start with a small idea and continually build it if you have time to.
  • Don’t stress. It’s a jam, it’s a community event. If you’re not having fun, pause, refresh, and get back to it if you want to.
  • Support others. Don’t hold out your info because you want to “win”. We’re all in this together!
  • Keep it classy. Follow EULA and the Modding Den server rules.
  • Be fresh and adventurous. This is a great time to try something wild, zany, and new out. Don’t do the same thing you’ve always done before, switch it up and challenge yourself!
  • Work together. This is also a great time to meet some new modders, form up small teams to tackle a project, and help out others with your specific skill set.
  • Just do it. Even if you’re a new modder or haven’t opened up a single tool. Even if you’re not sure you can do the mod idea on time. Even if it seems dumb halfway through. Just do it! Push on through, enjoy yourself, and be proud of the fact that you can make something in a short period of time, even though it may not be the most polished and perfect mod.

Get To It!

Class dismissed. I’m opening up a few extra channels in the Modding Den to facilitate convos and all. If the need arises, more will be added. And please, spread the word if you have friends or groups of people who might be interested! Even if they start a little late, all are welcome.

The submissions form will open up some time mid-week, and it will close at 3PM GMT Sunday, June 7. If there are technical difficulties or whatever, of course, just contact me and we’ll square it away.

Happy Jamming!