Hello and welcome to my TedTalk.

Announcement Time!

The theme this time around is…

drum roll please …

Continuing off the approach from last time, we have another conflict theme. Fun fact, it was originally going to be a three-part Elf theme, but can’t do that anymore, thanks CA.

Once more, it’s intentionally vague – the next go-around will likely have a change of pace with the theme, the main attempt with this one is the change in timing and the distance from an official DLC.

Don’t feel limited in the constraints of physical appearance – Beautiful/Beastly can be about personality, about morality, about abrasiveness, about history – whatever. This definitely shouldn’t be a theme that is exclusively about new units/lords.


  • Remember, remember, the EULA-ember. Keep everything cool.
  • Your work has to begin after right now, and end by 3PM BST. No pre-existing mods or whatever, please!
  • Make sure you put the micro-logo somewhere in your mod logo when you upload to Steam, and mention the “Beautiful & Beastly Mod Jam” in the description. Feel free to use the big logo as a Steam image as well, but that’s not required.

Tips & Reminders

  • Start small, build up. It’s actually a fair amount of time, a full ten days, but we all go at our own pace and it’s fairly easy to overload yourself with a giant idea. It’s better to start with a small idea and continually build it if you have time to.
  • Don’t stress. It’s a jam, it’s a community event. If you’re not having fun, pause, refresh, and get back to it if you want to.
  • Support others. Don’t hold out your knowledge because you want to “win”. We’re all in this together!
  • Keep it classy. Follow EULA and the Modding Den server rules.
  • Be fresh and adventurous. This is a great time to try something wild, zany, and new out. Don’t do the same thing you’ve always done before, switch it up and challenge yourself!
  • Work together. This is also a great time to meet some new modders, form up small teams to tackle a project, and help out others with your specific skill set.
  • Just do it. Even if you’re a new modder or haven’t opened up a single tool. Even if you’re not sure you can do the mod idea on time. Even if it seems dumb halfway through. Just do it! Push on through, enjoy yourself, and be proud of the fact that you can make something in a short period of time, even though it may not be the most polished and perfect mod.

And Go!

That should be all you need to know.

In the Modding Den Discord, a few channels are opening up:
#jam-general, for any discussion about the Jam.
#jam-ideas, to talk about ideas and concepts for the Jam.
#jam-tech, to ask and discuss technicals about making a mod.
#jam-team-up, to offer your services or to ask for aid from another
#jam-progress-shots, to show off your in-progress work.