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This section will cover all the tutorials related to Creating Battle Maps, all the way from the simplest land map, to the more complex siege maps. And all of that, just for the price of a youngling soul… well, let’s begin. As this is a series of kinda complex tutorials, they’re separated in parts:

  • Land Battle Maps: How to make a basic working land battle map. Technical part. Decorations are on you!
  • Siege Battle Maps: How to make EVERYTHING of a siege map work. Technical part, but we’ll cover part of the decorations too.
  • Battle Maps Extras: Whatever doesn’t fit in the other sections, like PSA, TIL, ACB,…. Yes, I just came up with the last one.

So, with that said, let’s begin!


Here it goes extra stuff that’s good to know about Terry. So… here we go:

  • The stuff you put outside the map doesn’t have his height relative to 0. Instead, their 0 is the height of the terrain in the place you put them. For example, put a building at 30 height. If the ground it’s at 60 in that exact place, then once the map loads you’ll find a floating building at 90 height. This can only be seen ingame, not in Terry.
  • Of the 8×8 green square map, the border row/columns are special. The game will autolevel any terrain from the middle of those squares to the border of the map to 0 height, but that it’s not shown in Terry, only in-game. So, if you place stuff there, account for the height change once the game loads the map, because that part of the map acts like the outside of the map.
  • Vegetation on prefabs you put outside your map dissapears.
  • If your deployment zone goes outside your playable area, the game will expand the playable area to cover the full size of the deployment zone.
  • The priority of Go/No-Go Regions is: Walkable Terrain > Automatic No-Go Region > Go Region > No Go Region. The thing most to the right will take priority over the rest.
  • If you don’t let any walkable connections with the map’s border, the game will load your map as a fully unwalkable map, and it’ll crash on loading/deploying.

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