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In this section, you’ll find some tutorials that don’t fit with the flow of the prior. Also, enjoy a glossary!


Here it goes extra stuff that’s good to know about Terry. So… here we go:

  • The stuff you put outside the map doesn’t have his height relative to 0. Instead, their 0 is the height of the terrain in the place you put them. For example, put a building at 30 height. If the ground it’s at 60 in that exact place, then once the map loads you’ll find a floating building at 90 height. This can only be seen ingame, not in Terry.
  • Of the 8×8 green square map, the border row/columns are special. The game will autolevel any terrain from the middle of those squares to the border of the map to 0 height, but that it’s not shown in Terry, only in-game. So, if you place stuff there, account for the height change once the game loads the map, because that part of the map acts like the outside of the map.
  • Vegetation on prefabs you put outside your map dissapears.
  • If your deployment zone goes outside your playable area, the game will expand the playable area to cover the full size of the deployment zone.
  • The priority of Go/No-Go Regions is: Walkable Terrain > Automatic No-Go Region > Go Region > No Go Region. The thing most to the right will take priority over the rest.
  • If you don’t let any walkable connections with the map’s border, the game will load your map as a fully unwalkable map, and it’ll crash on loading/deploying.